Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I fucking love starcraft 2

SO i have been keeping up with starcraft  for a while now and i thoroughly enjoy the game and almost everything about it . I had watched pros playing before in the BW days and had thought to myself that only a madman would be able to play at such a level, but thats what peeked my interest in the game. Then fucking SC2 came out and i decided to see if i could get into it and possibly play this game competitively.

When i first started playing though, i found out i sucked dick, playing at 30 apm thinking i was good and then getting mauled by someone who knew wtf they were doing. Didn't fucking scout, stopped making scv's at like 40 supply, using the 1A syndrome and hoping for a win. This kinda thing deterred me from playing pretty much all together At this point i began to only watch replays, and casters, in the hopes that i would eventually just get better without having to realize how shitty i really was. Finally though, i began to get tired of thinking i was good and actually decided to get good. Although this game is fucking hard so it took some time. Log on, Find Match, get into game and are greeted with a "gl hf!" and reply with a "FU, I'm not wishing you luck have fun losing bitch," then lose and leave the game crying cheese. Good times.

Well, I'm not quite masters as of yet, but i am diamond and it feels good to be actually good at the game. I'm like fucking addicted, and hopefully this addiction will keep me entertained for years to come just like the original did, and hopefully, someday, this game will become as popular in the US as it is in Korea, that would be fucking win.